About Perks99

We build sustainable connections between workplaces, restaurants, and the environment through technology.

The Workplace

Perks99 wants to remove the stress from your lunch breaks.

We believe that your workplace lunch break should be how you deserve it – delicious meals you choose from your favorite restaurants, delivered straight to your workplace warm and fresh with free delivery and discounted prices.

We also believe that Canadians care about our environment and that food takeaway plastic plates are wasteful and unnecessary.

Perks99 solutions to subscribers include:

The Restaurants

Recurring based restaurant delivery is the newest subscription wave

Perks99 restaurant partners enjoy many benefits from our innovative subscription service.


The Planet

How Might We Get Food To People Without Generating Plastic Waste?

Good food and unnecessary waste should never be in the same sentence. Data shows that Canadians want more sustainable options when they spend their hard-earned money.

Food takeaway plastic plates waste is a global problem for which Perks99 has a solution.

Perks99 will be ditching the plastic food takeaway packaging. All meals ordered through our service will be picked up and delivered in reusable and ethically sourced Bamboo bento plates and cutlery – packaged in our reusable, insulated retro-styled delivery bag.

Meals will be kept warm and fresh in our on-site, temperature-controlled food portal until the customer collects them by scanning a QR code.

Join Perks99 in being a part of the solution to help our environment!